The future of retail property on the blockchain

Pre-Sale OPEN

The mission of eLocations is the evolution of the conventional listing market by providing a one-stop online solution for retail properties on global streets and centers. Furthermore, eLocations will revolutionize contract management for retailers and landlords by converting paper-based contracts into self-executable Smart-Contracts on the Blockchain.


To become the business-critical site for retail property decision making, supporting all retailers, landlords and brokers in shopping locations globally through its unique PropTech meta platform.


The Challenge

The global retail real estate market is fragmented, opaque and offline.
The industry is vast, with millions of stores worldwide.

No visibility across the market for retailers to see all available retail property, or to find detailed location intelligence.

This is inefficient. Wasting time, money and creating costly mistakes.

Decision making is extremely limited.

The Solution

The Retail Property Market Place & Blockchain Revolution.

We switch millions of offline paper contracts into online smart contracts on the blockchain and transform the retail property business with Big Data from the bricks to the clicks.

The mission is to build the worlds most trusted and powerful retail property marketplace to empower global retail brands as well as property owners, investors and real estate brokers with information and tools to make intelligent location decisions.

Our aim is to analyze and cover all store openings on the map globally. These new shops are located in the 500+ most important shopping streets for the top retail brands, like e.g. Fifth Avenue, Causeway Bay, New Bond Street and Rue Saint Honore.

Furthermore our aim is to provide real estate and turnover data of 3 million retail properties and boutiques for fashion retail in prime locations worldwide.


Listing Portal / Market Place

We launched our global retail listings platform in April 2017, and now have over 80,000 existing stores mapped, as well as over 4,000 stores for rent in over 2,000 locations worldwide – from New York to Tokyo, Oslo to Cape Town.

The store opening news platform is ‘live’ as a data overlay including news of over 36,000 store openings based on our own Retail Market Studies.

With over 2,000 active users on the site and a database of over 70,000 retail professionals, our data set is growing daily – and now have the formula to evaluate the potential retail turnover as well as the market value of each prime location… worldwide.

We have already smashed through over 1.5 million search requests on the platform.

Status Quo & Timeline

Driven by a talented team of developers, designers, marketing, cryptography and security experts, as well as bankers and accountants to lay the base for exponential growth;

We have developed, and have been operating, a functional, web-based platform where many rental associated activities can be done in one place.

eLocations technology allows for a transparent application process where future tenants can compete fairly and ask for discounts, depending on market conditions.

Our plan is to move this platform to a blockchain environment, and add additional functionality that is made possible through blockchain and smart contract technology.

We are leveraging a rapidly growing global cryptocurrency user base of 3 million users and the user base in the traditional "banked" world. Additionally, there are millions of potential users that are currently "unbanked".


  1. June 2016 15,000 shop openings news online.  
  2. April 2017 Retail property marketplace went live with 30,000 shops and properties.  
  3. August 2017 First external investor in eLocations (Global Market Leader in shopping centre Christmas lighting).  
  4. September 2017 60,000 shops and properties in the top high streets online globally.  
  5. October 2017 30,000 store opening news collected and mapped.  
  6. November 2017 4,000+ shops for rent.  
  7. December 2017 1 million property and news page views.  
  8. January 2018 Start development Bockchain approach.  
  9. February 2018 36,000 store opening news collected and mapped. 80,000 shops and properties in the top high streets online globally.  
  10. March 2018 Second external investor in eLocations (Global MD Real Estate at a leading investment bank). Start development of Smart Lease Contract prototype.  
  11. 2nd Quarter 2018 Pre-ITO (Initial Token Offering); start of Global Roadshow.  
  12. 3rd Quarter 2018 Official start of ITO – continuing Global Roadshow.  
  13. Autumn 2018 Launch of Smart Lease Contract prototype (Beta).  
  14. November 2018 First customers will sign Lease Contracts on the Blockchain.  
  15. December 2018 500,000 shops and properties in the top high streets online globally.  
  16. June 2019 150,000 store opening news collected and mapped.  
  17. December 2019 2,000,000 shops and properties, 200,000 news and 50,000 listings.  
  18. June 2020 3,000,000 shops and properties, 300,000 news and 100,000 listings.  
  19. 2020 3% of the worldwide expanding retailers use eLocations Blockchain contracts.  
  20. 2021 5% of the Global Pension Funds under contract for Blockchain leases.  
  21. 2025 Bringing the Moon Land Registry on the eLocations Blockchain.  
  22. 2030 The Mars Land Registry on the eLocations Blockchain.  

Financials – Security Token

eLocations is one of the first global PropTech companies ever to launch a Security Token (hereinafter "eLocations (LOC)"). Up to 20% of eLocations’ future net income will be distributed to all Security Token holders. Once eLocations’ service platform is fully operational, we will launch a Utility Token.

eLocations foresees a Token raise of €50m EUR in funds. This will boost revenues to EUR 140m by 2022. We aim to generate profits and deliver a positive operating cash flow as of 2020. Using the investment, eLocations will heavily invest in data to the tune of EUR 160m over the next 5 years. Our estimated fair value of equity at this point would stand at €254m EUR.

Please find further detailed information in the Whitepaper.

Token Sale Details

Users must list an ERC-20 compatible wallet such as My Ethereum Wallet in order to receive their LocationTokens which will be distributed after the purchase. Users may also be required to provide additional information and documentation to verify their identity as part of eLocations KYC process, as described on elocations.io. eLocations reserves the right to reject a potential LocationToken purchaser.

The Pre-Sale commences on April 26th 2018 09:00 (CET) and will conclude on the earlier of (i) July 31st 2018 23:59 (CET); or (ii) until the amount of contributions received reaches EUR 6 million, provided that eLocations may extend at its sole discretion up to 3 times, with each extension being maximum 30 days.

The exact number of LocationTokens to be received by a contributor will depend on what day of the Token Pre-Sale the contribution is made, as determined by the LocationToken Bonus Scheme below:

  1. 30% token bonus for up to 3m EUR raised
  2. 20% token bonus between 3m to 5m EUR raised
  3. 10% token bonus between 5m to 6m EUR raised

Management Team

Advisory Board

Data Stack

1.0 Listing data
  • Available retail listings
  • Mapping
  • Filter by retailer, agent, location
  • Location intelligence
2.0 Media
  • News/media coverage on openings
Land Registry Data
  • Ownership
  • Valuations
Mobile Phone Data
  • Numbers of people visiting the area (geo-fencing)
  • Demographic breakdown
  • Numbers of people visiting a store
Credit Card Data
  • Location specific spending
  • Demographic spend breakdown
Consumer Data
  • Facebook data
  • Instagram data
  • Snapchat data
  • LinkedIn data - integrated
3.0 Smart Contracts
  • Transfer lease contracts to Location Blockchain